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Action Game : The Movie is a student thesis project from Entertainment and Arts program of University of Utah.

It tries to complement two different genres which are strategy and shooting. Action Game is a rail road shooter where you lay the rails before you grab the gun. It dwells on the unique mechanic of planning the action in 2D phase and living the action in the 3D phase.

2D Controls

LMB to move

Key "Z" to undo the move.

Key "A" to Start Playing in 3D Phase.

2D view also has heat maps which display the enemy intensity in that area. You need to manage your resources which are battery and ammo on the way to reach the exit point. Every move costs some battery. Ammo is needed to kill the enemies in 3D Phase.

3D Controls

LMB to Shoot

Scroll Wheel or Key "X" to switch weapons.

RMB to use Bullet time(Slowing Down Time)

In 3D Phase you are on a rail which was laid in 2D planning phase. You can shoot the enemies using the guns and use bullet time to slow down time.

We would appreciate you try the game and leave a feedback about your experience.

Install instructions

Download and Unzip the files and Run ActionGame.exe


ActionGame.zip 122 MB

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